Why is it worth to go to “Granatos Live” music festival?

Well firstly, of course, it depends on artists that are in the music festival and secondly a company that is going with you. In “Granatos Live 2017” was both, my favorite artists “Kungs“, “GJan“, “Happyendless” and so more and of course best company at that time – my girlfriend.

My experience in “Granatos Live” music festival


In 2017 before my ex-girlfriend birthday, I thought how could I surprise her and thought that we should spend more fun time together, so I bought 2 tickets to “Granatos Live“. Well, she was surprised, but this was not an end of it. We had to buy a new tent, air mattress and some other things. Of course, we had to keep about 200€ additional cash just in case. “Granatos Live 2017” casually starts on Thursday, but we went on Friday because they are just getting ready on the first day and in that, only less popular artists perform. I can tell that it didn’t take a lot of preparation, we bought our tent and air mattress, food and drinks in Kaunas which was about 30 kilometers from the festival.

One thing I didn’t like…

One thing I didn’t like is that ticket for car parking is for one-time entry only, so every time you won’t go out of festival with car and when you will come back and want to park it again you will have to buy another ticket, so that gets expensive if you won’t take everything you need before the festival. When we arrived we easily walked through security even though they inspected our pack visually. We started to build our tent, it was already a dark and rainy evening, but it didn’t stop us. After all preparations, we went to the stage.

Things I loved

We had a lot of fun in a festival, and by a lot of I mean very very very much fun. Basic things I liked the most, that car parking was not very far away, there was a lake nearby, drinks and food were not very expensive as in other festivals in Lithuania and people in the festival were very friendly and funny. As we arrived on Saturday night we haven’t seen much. We explored the festival zone in next morning. The first thing we did, we went to a lake because it was a very hot day, in spite of a huge crowd in the lake it was refreshing to dive into the lake. As main performances were in the evening, so we took a tour through a Lithuanian folk life museum (lit. Lietuvos liaudies buities muziejus).

You don’t need to buy an additional ticket to go there!

It was a double experience for us because we have never been to a music festival until then and never been in that museum. Our tour was pretty short because “GJan” concert was just a few mins later. We went to the stage and then we got our first impression of what music festival should be alike. The whole crowd was super energetic and moving along with singe. By standing there you could feel the whole ground shaking from “GJan” fans. One more cool thing I noticed then that you won’t find some songs artists performed on the internet, so that’s an additional thing why it is worth to go to a music festival.

After a couple of hours “Anne-Marie” had to perform as I remember. But something happened and “Lilas ir Innomine” performed instead of her. It was super cool because I didn’t know them much before they showed that evening and I learned that it was her favorite band at that time. It was even more exciting because I was waiting for “Kungs” who had to perform a couple of hours later.

And guess what…

As I expected from actually the main artist in that evening it was a massive performance and even to today, it is one of the best memories for me. That Saturday was like the best cocktail I have ever tasted, all artists performed at their best. They gave us so much energy that we danced till morning. I don’t have much of the photos left and they have bad quality. In spite of that, you can try to imagine what is like to stand between other 22 000 people.

This is what left in my gallery from the festival (in respect of my ex-girlfriend privacy I blurred her face) :

And this is a moment from “Kungs” performance:

Fun things

In Saturday midday, a strange thing happened. We waited for “Happyendless” performance. While we were waiting for a performance we went to car parking where we left our drinks. While we were going to parking to get some drinks, I forgot and left my phone in tent. And we spent there too much time, so we were late for a performance. We went back and saw that “Happyendless” are getting off stage. We were very upset, but when we were returning to home from the festival, I looked to my gallery and found… “Happyendless” performance video on my phone! Someone took my phone from my tent, filmed them singing and put the phone back. Now that was strange and at the same time nice!

End of the festival

There was the only thing that destructed a nice atmosphere of the festival. A fire started probably from fireworks whose were shot from stage, as the forest was very dry. It made people panic a bit, but it was extinguished pretty fast. After it I feared that “Granatos Live” won’t be hosted in the same place. Luckily it is still hosted in there.


Though ticket cost 55€ for a person, it was totally worth. Time spent there was engraved into our memories. All artists performing at their best and even fire that happened last evening didn’t ruin our moments. I hope I will be available to enjoy “Granatos Live” music festival again, this year.

Future Plans

Now I’m planning to go to “Granatos Live 2019”. This year they have a nice and probably even better list of artists. It is a bit upsetting that they won’t have “Tommy Cash” as “Galapagai 2019” music festival. Probably will wait most for “Years and Years“, “Robin Schulz“, “Tove Lo“, “Beissoul & Einius” and “Sadboi“. You can find a full list of artists in their official page here:

“Granatos Live” official page or their Facebook page here: “Granatos Live” Facebook Page

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