Why Geocaching is getting more and more popular, what is it and how to play it?

Well, 3 years ago my military buddy told me about a game in which he found a voodoo doll it was an amazing story to hear I was so interested about it that 2 weeks later after I was able to go home I picked my ex-girlfriend and we went to search for Geocaches. Since we started playing this game we saw so many new places and got so much fun we never had. So what exactly is Geocaching?

What is Geocaching?

Well, Geocaching is a game where people hides something it can be anything a box with souvenirs, a book or simply a paper in a PET container. You can write your name and date when you find that treasure and log it in the Geocaching app so other people can find it. Why I love this game is because these treasures are placed in places where you probably have never been. You feel like a Jack Sparrow looking for a golden chest and this game lets you feel your childhood again. There are hundreds of thousands maybe even millions of geocaches hidden all around a world. So you will never find all of them and that makes this game even more interesting.

How can I find my treasure?

How to play this game? Well, that’s simple:

  • Download a Geocaching app.
  • Create your account, sign up process is pretty simple you can sign up with your social network profiles.
  • Grab your friends.
  • And when you will open your Geocaching app you will find green circles with an image of a box inside them, by pressing on them you will find more information about it. That’s it! In the map, you can see where it is hidden when you will find it write down your account name and date when you found it and place it back where it was hidden. Log it in your app and continue looking for another Geocache. Well, I cannot brag that I found dozen of them, but I have seen people who found more than 10 000 geocaches. WOW! That’s a lot!

Few things to remember

First few geocaches can be hard to find, but after some time you will learn how to use hints and coordinates to find it faster. My tip playing this game is to make a photo of the place where you found it and a geocache itself. After some time you will have a nice gallery of spectacular moments. By the way never forget to bring your own pen, because not all geocaches have a pen inside them!

There are a few types of geocaches:

  • Traditional geocaches whose has different size: small ones, these mostly are PET container just a paper to write down your name and date when you found it.
  • Bigger ones, these are boxes with souvenirs from which you can take something and place inside something you have. Of course, you can place something and not take anything from it. Just don’t take anything if you don’t have anything to place inside.
  • Mystery geocaches, well these are one of the most interesting geocaches because you have to solve a puzzle to find a geocache.
  • There are premium geocaches, well Geocaching is free, but some geocaches are premium so you have to buy Geocaching subscription to find them.
  • There are multi-сaches, where one geocache gives coordinates or a hint to another geocache.

Well, there are some more types of geocaches, but I’m going to tell about them in another post. Here are few geocaches me and my friends found recently:

Why Geocaching is getting more and more popular?

Well probably because its so fun you want to share about it with your friends. Just try it and you will see how cool is that and that is the best thing to do in your free time. Please stay tuned for my geocaching stories.

By the way, if you already have some stories about your geocaching experience please share it with me. You can do it through the “Contact Me” page or directly send it to my email [email protected] . I will post it here to share your story with a world. 🙂

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