Truck driving – a hobby, and a dream job

Toma and Ovidijus are truck drivers, this is their job and hobby, they are traveling all around Europe together. In spite of a short time in which they had to work, they have already visited many countries like Spain, England, Poland, Germany and so on, but what is more important is the experience they got in their work, which they have shared it with us.

A beginning of the journey

Ovidijus was dreaming of truck driving since childhood, he has been on some trips with his grand-father since then, Ovidijus had a passion to travel with a truck around a world. After his 18 birthday, he got his first driver’s license. After some time, Ovidijus decided to participate in some races and driver competitions to get some more valuable experience before becoming following his dream and becoming a professional driver. Later, Ovidijus met Toma, before then Toma worked as a croupier in a betting company. She got interested in truck driving and went to driving school to get a new driver’s license. After successfully passing a driver’s test, she joined Ovidijus and now they are working together in the logistics company called Girteka.

Dangerous experiences

Truck driving might sound like a dream job and an amazing hobby, but it comes with its own challenges. According to Toma and Ovidijus one of the biggest challenges are refugees that want to get inside a truck at any cost. They make dangerous situations while trucks are stopped or driving slowly, by unlocking locks and damaging tents, doors and even roofs. It gets even more dangerous when you have to drive in United Kingdom, because there you can’t have and use even a pepper spray. It is considered as a firearm there, so they have banned ownership of pepper spray and by using it you can get fined.

Besides of refugees, regular car drivers are another problem. They are inattentive and disrespectful to truck drivers, they think that truck drivers see everything around, but it is not true, in addition, trucks are heavy and it is not easy to stop them immediately it gets even harder when trucks are loaded with cargo. Regular car drivers often do dangerous maneuvers that have the potential to cause serious accidents.

Extreme conditions are their daily routine

Toma and Ovidijus drive through multiple countries in a day, so air temperature and conditions change rapidly. Also to drive long distances in a short time, they have to sacrifice most of the time of their sleep. After delivering a cargo sometimes they have up to 48 hours of staying in foreign countries, so they have enough time to visit various places and this pays off these extreme conditions. Also sometimes they have to work during Christmas and New Year holidays, but as they said it is not a big deal as they are together.

Here are some photos Toma and Ovidijus shared:

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