Trip to Vilnius

It was long long ago, it seems it was centuries ago, we had a 3 days trip in 2015 mid October to our capital Vilnius. Me, my ex-girlfriend and her brother. That was a first time I had a bigger trip, it was an outstanding experience, because I have never explored any city in so much detail until then. I don’t have much photos left, but I will upload as much as I have.

My ex-girlfriend aunt invited us to visit Vilnius for a weekend, she left us to explore Vilnius alone, I thought hmmm we have whole weekend, we could see so much. As it was my first trip, I didn’t had much experience planning them, so I made a super simple route. We have visited the most popular objects in Vilnius, few of them are St. Anne Church, Television Tower, Botanical Garden of Vilnius University, Cathedral Basilica of St. Stanislaus and St. Ladislaus, OldTown and a lot of other places where you could feel the greatness of Vilnius.

First day

On first day we haven’t walked through Vilnius because it was already an evening when we arrived, so we started our journey in second morning. As my ex-girlfriend and her brother were staying in hotel at Old-town, we started our journey from there.

Saint Anne’s Church

First object we have visited was Saint Anne’s Church, what I can still up to today it’s probably one of my favorite architectural buildings in Lithuania. It has so much detail outside, but surprisingly it is pretty small inside compared to other churches in Lithuania. It was a first time for me seeing a gothic style building. Sorry for a bad quality then I had pretty bad camera on my phone.

Botanical Garden of Vilnius University

After visiting St. Anne’s Church we moved to Botanical Garden of Vilnius University. As it was already a mid of October we haven’t seen many colors, but it still was a calm and nice place to be. As I was probably the worst photographer then, I didn’t made any normal quality photos.

Hill of Three Crosses

We got a small map in botanical garden of most popular places in Vilnius. Luckily most of these objects were near us. Nearest object that we wanted to visit was Hill of Three Crosses. So we walked along a river called Neris, climbed steep stairs and saw Vilnius probably from the best angle. Even though television tower is higher than this hill, but I would recommend this hill over television tower if you want to see the best panorama of Vilnius. Here what it looks like from Hill Of Three Crosses: (In respect of my ex-girlfriend privacy I blurred her of my photos)

Gediminas Tower

We continued our journey to Gediminas Castle, strangely enough I haven’t made any photos of it, but made some photos inside it. There is exposition of medieval soldiers armory and weaponry inside Gediminas castle. I can say that it is not very interesting inside, and it’s a bit boring object to visit, however it is a main symbol of Vilnius.

Vilnius TV Tower

We ended our journey in Television Tower. There is a restaurant high in television tower and its actually spinning around. Sounds scary, but when you are inside its not frightening at all. Entry price to television tower is more frightening 😀 It costed 8 euros for one person to enter. Well it was worth, you can see almost whole Vilnius out of there. But as I said earlier, if you want to see best panorama of Vilnius better visit Hill Of Three Crosses , its free and you can see Vilnius Old-Town clearly.

After whole this journey I went to my brother’s apartment, slept and in the morning we went back to home. Most of the time we were in hurry, because we feared that we won’t have enough time to see all objects we were planned to see however it was a nice journey, and a good beginning of my all trips.

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