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I always wondered how to improve your own capabilities to a maximum. In this article, I’m going to discuss how to improve your soul and mind separately. This will improve your life quality and will let you escape from routine. Let’s make a few different lists:

Power up your mind

Everyone should take care of their mental health, it is crucial to be more successful and to avoid such serious diseases as depression or Alzheimer disease.

1. Get plenty of sunlight

Have you ever wondered why people are happier in summer? Why a lot of people feel depressed in autumn and winter? Well, there is a simple answer, summer has the sunniest days and sunlight boosts your serotonin levels. Which is the happiness hormone, people with higher serotonin feel happier, more awake and are more focused.

2. Get enough sleep

This is very important, as while you are sleeping a lot of significant things happen in your body, your body recovers, brain sorts, and processes your day’s information, hormones for growth and repair are release and so on. An average adult needs about 7 to 9 hours of sleep if you have a lot of work and can’t have so much sleep, at least ensure consistency because your body expects you to go sleep every night at the same time.

3. Stay hydrated

Your brain is made of 70 to 80 percent of water, so hydrating is essential. Drink as much water as you can, of course, there is no strict rule on how much you should drink because a lot of factors impact it. If you are physically active or you live in a hot climate you need to drink much more. My best advice would be, drink water whenever you feel thirsty. Once you feel even a slight thirst drink whole glass of water. Just make sure not to drink too much, because you can get water poisoning(hyperhydration) which is pretty dangerous because water dilutes electrolytes and without them, your nervous system can’t work properly.

4. Play brain games

A lot of people are playing brain games without even thinking of its benefits. Consistently using your brain won’t let them degrade over time and it will even improve its capability. There are tons of games that are focused on improving your brain capabilities. One of my favorites is Peak you can find it here: Android or App Store. You can choose what exactly you want to improve, your memory, your focus and so on.

5. Get as many friends as you can

Make sure to make as many friends as you can and by friends I don’t mean social friends, get real friends. Loneliness and isolation are bad for your mental health it can cause depression and other serious mental illnesses. There is a science behind it, oxytocin which is alternatively called “love hormone” growth is reduced while you are alone, also stress levels are higher while you are isolated.

6. Regulate your food and drink intake

It is not a secret that you need to eat healthy to maintain proper brain functions. Make sure that your diet contains nuts, chocolate, fatty fish, coffee and eggs, as they contain important nutrients for the brain. By the way, caffeine which is in coffee was once considered a dangerous substance, but now it is said that it improves your mental health and prevents a lot of mental diseases.

7. Use your imagination

Like any tool without use it will wear out, you need to use your imagination as much as you can. Write tales, create songs, draw paintings even if you are not master at this it will stimulate your imagination, creativity, and visualization. Do you remember that when you were a kid, your imagination was at its top, and when you grew up your imagination has gone? There is a simple explanation behind it, you just stopped using it as you grew up.

Enlight your soul

Don’t forget that you should not only focus on the brain and body but on your soul too. Life must give you joy, not just hard work and sadness. It is important to take care of inner you.

1. Meditation is not fantasy

You probably have seen movies about Tibet monks sitting in the lotus position and you think this is just a movie and fantasy. Actually no, I can tell you why they are meditating in the lotus position. You see, they are meditating for a very long time and while you meditate you have to focus, you shouldn’t fall asleep, lotus position helps you not to sleep as it is not a most comfortable position to fall asleep, besides of that keeping straight back lets you keep your focus. First of all, you should know what meditation is really about. Well, meditation is basically just staying still, focusing on nothing, clearing your mind. You probably often felt that your thoughts are in chaos, and you can’t keep concentrating on something, that’s what meditation helps on. It clears your mind, it helps to focus on something important.

Did you know, that it is said that even smoking is a form of meditation? And you know why? Because while you are smoking, you relax, you don’t think much while you are doing that. It is not hard to meditate, just sit down in whatever you want position if you like you can even sit in the lotus position as it will help you not to fall asleep and think about nothing, what helps me to do it, just imagining a black wall, firstly it will be hard, as your thoughts will be in chaos, but after some time you will find easier to focus. 15 minutes should be enough to feel the effects of it.

2. Have you tried Lucid Dreaming? No? You should!

Have you heard about Lucid Dreaming? Or maybe you have seen the movie “Inception”? Well, they didn’t make that up. It is real, you can actually be conscious while dreaming, you can take control of your dreams, it just needs a lot of practice. While lucid dreaming your possibilities are infinitive, you can do whatever you want, whatever you imagine. You want to drive your dream car? Drive any car you want! You want to fly like Superman? There are no physical limitations in dreams! Have dinner with Bill Gates? No problem! There are a lot of techniques to achieve this, to start lucid dreaming. You can join various forums where people discuss it, one of them is DreamViews. There you will find all the information you need to start lucid dreaming. Just imagine doing all that crazy stuff, it is amazing, it is a life-changing experience.

3. Travel can transform your life

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to improve your life quality? I can assure you that the best way to improve yourself is to travel a lot. By traveling you will meet a lot of different people, cultures, and traditions. This will not only improve your knowledge about the world, but it will also teach you a difference between you and the world. This is important, as you must to know how to improve yourself. If you will think that the whole world is the same as you, there will be no chance of improvement.

4. Share your experience with others

Always share your life experience with others, many people are searching for people like you, who searches for an opportunity to improve their life quality. But as you, so do they think that they are alone, they think that they are hopeless, weak and not able to live better. By sharing your experience, you can expect the same from others. The more you will share with others, the more connections you will build up, that will share their own stories.

5. You should believe in something

Not believing in anything can make you depressed and hopeless. Believing in God, believing in your idea, believing in your ambitions gives you hope. A hope to live, a hope that you will someday be able to say, that’s what I lived for, that’s what I gave my life to. Faith is such a strong emotion, it can help you at your worst moments of life, it can help to avoid depression and failures. Don’t be a type of people who don’t have faith in anything. That is one of the reasons why people are religious, they believe that if they will live well, they will go to a better place.

6. Ambition is the key to succeed

You should always have a dream, always have an ambition. If you don’t dream of something, you don’t have a purpose. I’m mad at people who are questioning, what is the purpose of life. A purpose of life is dreaming of something and trying to achieve it, even if you fail miserably, you are still trying. No one borns perfect, everyone does mistakes and you are not an exception. So dream big and try to achieve it! You will see a lot more progress in making your life quality better if you will have a specific goal to reach.


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