How small ball called Demon core killed 2 people?

Demon Core a small ball with the size of only 10cm in diameter and 6.2kg weight killed 2 people and few people later died from radiation-induced ills. What was this ball and why it was named like that?

A bomb which killed without exploding

Demon Core was made of plutonium, it was used to research materials for making nuclear bombs. Actually, it was supposed to bet put in third “Fat Boy” bomb and it would have been dropped in Japan, but few unexpected things happened. 2 experiments have been conducted with this material and both ended in failure. It is estimated that 8 people were affected by radiation from the demon core. In first one scientist who conducted an experiment died within 25 days, from acute radiation syndrome. In a second experiment, another scientist died withing 9 days after exposure to radiation. The moment scientists got fatal radiation doses, demon core flashed with bright blue light indicating that a huge amount of radiation escaped. As radiation ionizes the air and this causes a blue shining of it. For a brief moment, all scientists that were in a room felt a heat wave. Both experiments ended in failure as scientists didn’t take safety precautions seriously.

First experiment

Demon Core was placed between neutron reflecting bricks made of tungsten carbide. One by one brick has been added to bring demon core as close to criticality as possible. One brick slipped from scientists hands and fell on to demon core causing it to rapidly go into supercriticality. A chain reaction started and scientist Harry Daghlian who conducted experiment quickly moved off a brick from a ball. It was enough to get a lethal dose of radiation. After 25 days he died from a radiation-induced illness.

Second experiment

Scientists were trying to retry the first experiment, but it ended in failure too. They used another material as a neutron reflector, beryllium in a shape of hemispheres. They covered a core with beryllium hemispheres leaving a very small gap between them, as they had to maintain core just below criticality. Scientist Louis Slotin used only a screwdriver to maintain that gap, it was against any safety protocol. During an experiment, the screwdriver slipped and hemispheres closed that small gap which maintained core below criticality. Louis Slotin reacted quickly and pushed top hemisphere out of the core. But it was enough to get a fatal dose of radiation. Louis Slotin died 9 days after exposure to radiation. His body absorbed most of the radiation so others that were in a room got a much lower dose of radiation. Besides that, a scientist that was closest to Louis Slotin died 20 years after an accident due to radiation-induced illness.

Scientist Slotin conducts experiment with demon core


No experiments with demon core were conducted anymore. Later the core was melted down and recycled for other cores. These accidents taught people how radiation is dangerous. As a result, remote technologies to conduct experiments were introduced. All hands-on experiments were stopped. If you have enjoyed this article, you should read about Chernobyl disaster.

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