How I started Geocaching?

The beginning of my Geocaching adventures

Well, it was 3.5 years ago, while I was still in military service, I went back home and remembered a story that my military friend told me about a treasure hunting. I downloaded a geocaching app and saw a treasure map. And I was shocked, everywhere around me was hidden like a thousand of geocaches. So I texted my ex-girlfriend and we went to find some of them. We didn’t look for them far away, as I remember we wanted to test this game at first to see if there are actual treasures hidden. And guess what, we really found them. A first one was in our country Lithuania, in Šiauliai city. This geocache was near Žaliūkių Village Miller’s Farmstead.

It was our first geocache we didn’t even know what we are looking for so it took about 2 hours to find it, though it was in an easy place. And that’s how we started looking for them one by one. In that day we found 2 of them. My apologies, I don’t have any photos of that day but as I remember it was a nice warm and sunny autumn evening. Can’t remember why but we continued to search for geocaches only in next year spring.

Creepy statues of demonic creatures and people

So in 2017 March, we continued our geocache hunting. We traveled a little bit further and found 9 of them in one day. It was amazing as after every geocache we felt a strange satisfaction, we had a lot of funny and nice moments. Actually, that day left us a stunning experience as we found a place which is not mapped on Google Maps and it was kind of creepy. There were a lot of old and strange sculptures of demonic creatures, strange people and abandoned small building. (As I respect my ex-girlfriend privacy I blurred her face)

As I mentioned before we found 9 geocaches in total on that day. Well, it wasn’t the only place we visited we found a nice lake, a watch-tower and some other places. Here are some pics of that day:

And this is our all geocaches we found that day:

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