How future after 50 years will look like? Autonomous cars network and designer babies are just a beginning

I always love to dream about the future, what it could bring to us. What will happen after 10 years? 20 years? Maybe 50 years? Some would say our technologic progress has stopped, some would say we are not inventing anything new. I think that we are at the very beginning of our evolution and there is a lot of things to find. In this article, I will take aspects of medicine, technology, physics and so on.

Transport system

50 years is a lot, but you should not expect flying cars or anything else like that. With current technology, it is not possible, even if we had an efficient and cheap way to lift our cars into the sky, air traffic regulation would be a huge problem.

Autonomous cars

Artificial intelligence combined with technology can do real wonders, it is no secret that in the near future we might not need a driver anymore. Year after year this technology advances exponentially, and there is сause to this. Big companies are investing huge money in this advancement. After this technology will advance enough, cars might join into a single network so they will communicate with each other to get information about the location of nearest cars, speed, path and having this data they will be able to avoid almost 100% crashes. According to NHTSA, currently, 94% of car accidents are due to human errors.

Super fast train traveling

Vactrains aka HyperLoop are trains that could travel with a speed up to 6400-8000 km/h. With such speed, it is a very appealing way to travel. As these trains are encapsulated in a vacuum tube and are levitating on magnets this lets them ride without any significant resistance. Hyperloops are already operating, but this technology needs improvement to achieve its theoretical maximum speed.

Air transport

As there will be a huge competition for transport, airlines will have to catch up. They won’t be able to travel as fast as HyperLoop trains as planes travel in the air which means they have to overcome air resistance. Autonomous piloting won’t give a lot of advantage either, because planes are already one of the safest ways to travel. There are a few things they could offer passengers like enhanced passenger comfort, cheaper tickets, and faster security check.


Advancement in transport will come not only for passengers but for shipping too. You could probably guess that I’m going to talk about drones, but actually not about drones only. For the fastest shipping, we will need to join all 3 transport advancements(the ones I already mentioned) into 1 big system. Every stage from the factory to the buyer will have to be automated, so that will reduce shipping costs to a minimum and will let buyers receive purchases much faster. In my vision, this is how shipping will work:

  • Factory sends an order to autonomous drone or car.
  • Autonomous drone or car picks up an item, then transports it to an autonomous airplane or HyperLoop train.
  • HyperLoop or autonomous airplane transport item to a receiver country and sends an order to a drone or autonomous car.
  • They pick up item and ships it to a receiver.

This shipping system could reduce the speed and cost of shipping to a minimum.


Medicine is already exponentially advancing, it won’t take even 20 years to see wonders in it. We already see a huge improvement in cancer, AIDS and other serious diseases research. The only problem we will face will be ethic questions.

Designer babies

A designer baby is a baby which has altered genes, to change its appearance, remove genetic diseases and so on. It may be possible in the future to change properties of a newborn, we could choose eye color, size, strength, intelligence, and other genetic information. Although there are a lot of speculations that this could mess up evolution. You might want to watch how it will work here:

Cancer prevention and cure

We might not only find a cure from cancer, but we may build immunity from it too. The only thing we have to do is to know how exactly it works, how exactly cancer cells behave and what we can do to stop them. Every year we get better and better in curing cancer, so it should not take very long to find a total killer of cancer cells.


You think this is science fiction? You may be wrong, it’s already happening. Maybe not as you expect, but it is already here. Scientists have invented advanced prosthetics to replace our limbs, bionic eyes, and even artificial heart. They are not working as efficiently as natural organs, but artificial organs are getting better every day. In the future, they might work even better than their natural counterparts, as evolution is slower than technological advancement.


Most changes in physics will be in energetics. As our demand for energy is constantly growing, we need to find a more efficient, cleaner and safer way to produce energy.

Sun on our planet

First, we must know how our sun works before we can make one. You probably know how a normal nuclear power plant works, at least its main mechanism, nuclear fission or atom splitting. But there is an opposite reaction called nuclear fission or atom joining. This reaction gives out much more energy than nuclear fission and it produces no waste except for clean water vapor. There is already an experimental reactor almost done called ITER(international thermonuclear experimental reactor), it will start its first experiments in 2025.

Space travel

While interstellar travel might won’t be available in 50 years, interplanetary may be. Space tourism is already not science fiction, actually on June7. 2019 NASA resumed the space tourism to ISS(international space station). It sounds expensive, they would be actually with conventional rockets, but SpaceX has invented rockets that can return to a planet without losing its main components. This lets to decrease space travel a lot because you can use the same rocket for future travels and you only have to refuel it. SpaceX has already done many successful experiments with these types of rockets, which you can see them here:

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