Winemaking a hobby and an art

Winemaking is an old tradition, which requires a lot of work, passion, and patience to make a great product. It is an art that Danas has mastered in the past 3 years. Now he can make 50 to 100 liters per season of fine grade wine from cherry, apple, and currant. Every drop of wine he makes reflects the hard work he put after starting this amazing artistic hobby.

It is all about precision and patience

After consulting other winemakers he found that if you don’t follow the process strictly you are going to fail. Everything from sugar levels to temperature has to be precisely measured and regulated. Otherwise, it will be a lottery and sometimes you will make drinkable wine sometimes not. Also, you need to know how everything works, why you need to put yeast, why temperature must be precisely measured and regulated and so on. Danas says that winemakers need to ask as many “why questions” as possible because a key to success comes from knowledge, precision, and patience.

Birth of an idea

After finishing his organizational psychology studies at Vytautas Magnus University and employment in “People Link” as a team manager of IT recruitment, Danas wanted to have a hobby besides his job, to realize himself. After finding a bottle of wine in his basement which was left after his grandfather who was a winemaker too, he decided to try it for himself. At first, a path to winemaking appeared as difficult and unpredictable. He made a lot of mistakes and unsuccessful attempts to make wine and now he is already 3 years making fine grade wine as his main hobby.

Future plans

Danas says that currently, he is making wine for personal uses. It could be possible to make a business out of it but according to him, there are a lot of things to learn before it. Though he makes an outstanding quality wine already, there are many unrelated things to winemaking you have to learn before launching your business and commercializing this hobby like licenses, marketing, advertising and so on.

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